Study of Trees Incense Flue Set by Studio Milligram


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Adding a complementary decor element to a captivating scent, the understated design and incredible atmosphere of Studio Milligram's Study of Trees Incense Flue Set elevates your space in more ways than one.

Conjuring the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests, Studio Milligram's exquisite Study of Trees incense sparkles with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and white cypress. Derived from a 100% pure & natural essential oil blend, the scent filling your room is so real you'll just about feel the bark of an ancient tree beneath your fingertips.

The teal Flue adds to the experience of lighting the Incense, offering a visual delight that beautifully complements the Study of Trees scent. Made from a translucent borosilicate glass, there's a quiet pleasure in watching the incense swirl and twist through the Flue that enhances the calming effect.

Glass incense burner with 37 Study of Trees incense sticks
Flue measures 44 x 130mm
Flue made using borosilicate glass
Incense made using glass tube; sandalwood and bamboo incense stick
Incense made from 100% pure & natural essential oil blend
10-15 minute burn time


Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.



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