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Client Care


Jewellery can discolour over time.  This can be caused by exposure to moisture, acidity (ph balance) of skin, use of perfume, hairspray, soap, moisturiser etc, some cleaning products such as bleach and chlorine.


  • wearing your jewellery while swimming, showering, cleaning and exercising to avoid tarnishing.
  • exposing your jewellery to chemicals or cosmetics such as foundations, perfumes, hairsprays.
  • excessive heat or prolonged periods of direct sunlight
  • cleaning your jewellery in commercial dip solutions as they are not for suitable stone set jewellery, hollow jewellery, plated jewellery. 
  • wearing delicate jewellery on a regular basis


Silver can be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth.  If this does not work then commercial cleaning at a jewellers may be needed.

Plated jewellery is suitable for occasional wear. Polish with a soft cloth or use warm soapy water.  Take care when cleaning as excessive rubbing could remove some of the plating.  Avoid perfumes and lotions coming in contact with plated jewellery as the plating may react and wear off quickly.

Stone set jewellery is suitable for everyday wear however some designs are not.  For example a ring set with stones in a baguette setting is best worn only occasionally.  Warm, soapy water is best for cleaning stone set jewellery.

All silver is suitable for everyday wear unless it is a fragile design.


All timber tends to shift slightly over time, due to changes in temperature.


  • placing hot or wet items directly on the surface as they can leave marks which are difficult to remove, we recommend you use felt-backed table mats.
  • direct sunlight, as this will cause colour change. If the furniture is in direct sunlight, move decor items around to avoid spotting.
  • placing furniture too close to a heater or air conditioning vent as this may distort the material or surface finish



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