Read Life Journal by Studio Milligram



Get back into the swing of reading and rediscover a love for the written with Studio Milligram's literary Read Life Journal.

So many of us grew up as bookworms, but the pace of daily life made it hard to devour books like we used to. But in addition to being a wonderful and enjoyable hobby, reading can be a wonderful form of self-care, and the Read Life Journal wants to help you re-train that muscle.

This journal is designed to get you spending more time reflecting on the experience of reading, to deepen the connection between you and your books. The guided template on each left page leads you through the basics of the book (by whom, when you finished it, etc), but also prompts you to think about what that book means for you. Does it speak to where you are in your life? What kind of feelings did it stir in you? More than just a review, this process is about you as much as your reading material. That's why the opposite page is a free-form space for you to express how the book affected you in whatever way feels right.

Rekindle your love of reading, and reconnect to yourself, with the Read Life Journal from Studio Milligram.


Reading journal
40 double-page spreads with guided reading templates and notes pages
Features 80gsm Milligram Maple paper; FSC pages; fountain pen-friendly pages; dirt-resistant cover
Designed by Studio Milligram in Australia. Made in Taiwan with conscious manufacturing practices.



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