Kūmarahou and Mānuka Honey Cleanser by Aotea

By Aotea

A range of New Zealand made health products inspired by traditional Māori herbal remedies and supported by scientific research.
Our cleanser combines two of New Zealand's native flora renowned for their soft cleansing effect on the skin. We use 100+ MGO mānuka honey, that has anti-bacterial qualities, but also a moisturising and anti-inflammatory content. It helps softly remove makeup and dirt from the skin while not being too harsh. We also add kūmarahou which has a high saponin content which means it acts as a natural surfactant and helps foam on the face so that it helps clean the skin, again naturally and softly. Follow up with our mānuka and kawakawa water toner, and our honey day cream to finish.
Manuka Water
Organic vegetable glycerin
Emulsifier O
Naturguard Pure
Sweet Almond Oil
Kūmarahou wash base
100+ MGO Mānuka Honey

A nourishing and cleansing face cleanser
As a result of these saponins, kūmarahou is fantastic for cleaning skin. In the 19th century, bushmen found that when its flowers are rubbed with water they foam into natural lather, which they could use to clean the kauri gum off their skin. As a result kūmarahou is often nicknamed 'gum-diggers' or 'bushmans' soap. Kūmarahou is good for all-round health, containing valuable flavonoids promote digestive health. Quecetin helps seasonal health, addressing symptoms like congestion and inflammation. Mānuka honey in particular is uniquely antibacterial The enzyme glucose oxidase reacts with the glucose in the mānuka honey and oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide, which destroys bacteria and clears the skin. This means it has the capacity to fight harmful bacteria that can often lead to breakouts and blemishes which is why using mānuka honey regularly can be so beneficial. Furthermore, mānuka honey is also known to reduce inflammation and redness and has been used in treatment for things like rosacea. this means that mānuka honey is both preventative and restorative when used in skin treatment and has amazing pedigree in both instances.



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