Serpia Tumbler By Kinto

By Kinto


Designed with beauty and usability in mind, this Sepia tumbler is the perfect combination of attractive aesthetics and function. The brown-tinted colour is rich, which makes the tumbler stand out, but is still see through so that the piece doesn't appear too weighty or heavy.

The slight angle to the sides of this glass make it incredibly easy to hold without any fear of dropping it, even when there is condensation on the outside. The design of the foot of the glass provides a great place to rest a finger, offering more support when drinking.

Made to easily stack, these tumblers are perfect for saving space in any cupboard or for storing out in the open. They are made from sturdy and durable glass that can easily withstand years of hard use without breaking, thanks in part to their thick bottoms. Additionally, the thin lip is a pleasure to drink out of and is comfortable for anyone using it.

Sold individually 


Tumbler, 8 (d) x 9.5cm (h).


Amber coloured glass.
Microwave & dishwasher safeKI-N21747. Heat Resistant glass.


Transparent brown


Designed in Japan by Kinto



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