Black Blaze Palm Vase


Versatility meets sophistication in the Palm Vase / Candle Holder, a striking object sculpted from icy jade marble. This exquisite piece serves as both a vase and a candle holder, making it a versatile addition to your decor. Its design captures the graceful essence of palm trees, lending a touch of refined beauty to any room it graces. Embrace the essence of "The Golden Hour" with this captivating dual-purpose creation, adding a sense of tranquility and natural charm to your living space.
Kindly take note that due to the nature of marble as a natural material, slight variations in texture and appearance may occur between products.

Base Diameter: 100mm
Height: 280 mm

Icy Jade Marble (water proof)

Clean with dry or wet cloth without chemical cleaner. Please avoid anything containing oils, acids and strong pigments, that can cause some slight marking or discoloration over time.

Black Blaze



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