Lil Modern Siesta Cushion Cover By Pony Rider - Natural / Black / Golden Tan - SOLD OUT


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Wouldn't it be nice if we could all take a little siesta every now and then?
An afternoon nap, a little time out of our busy schedules?

Well, Pony Rider hopes that, this cushion will remind you to lie down like the little ants in the jacquard design and just snooze. 


35cm x 55cm (cover)
Fits 35cm x 55cm (inner)

Pony Rider's feather inners come certified as a humane product.
All inners are biodegradable, please purchase separately on our website.


All of Pony Rider's designs are custom made. Durable Stonewashed Cotton Canvas, Custom jacquard weave. Cold machine wash only. 

Made in India with local craftsmen, and designed in Australia by Pony Rider.


Nat with Black / Golden Tan

Please Note: 
Due to the size of the Cushion, the short end zipper is quite small therefore care must be taken when inserting the inner for this cover. A handy tip is to fold the inner in half to fit through the cover opening, push it all the way to the end while still holding the inner in half then release the inner & adjust it to fill the cover correctly.



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